Holland Lops

We have been raising Holland Lops since 1992. Linda fell in love with them, and they are the only breed she has raised since 1995. This is primarily Linda's project, and she welcomes questions and visitors to both the website and the farm. The rabbitry is registered with both the ARBA and the TRBA. We almost always have pets, breeding, and show quality rabbits for sale. We try to keep the website updated with what we have available, but it's always worth a call or email to see if we have anything that's not posted. Check out our Holland Archive in the Photo Gallery to see pictures and breeding info on Hollands that we no longer have but that have been a part of our breeding program.
Some of Our Breeding Stock

G.C. SH's Manchester
Sire: SH's Maverick
Dam: SH's Mona

BIS - COSRC-A - Shreveport, LA - 2/20/15
BOS - COSRC-B - Shreveport, LA - 2/21/15
1/6 - COSRC-C - Shreveport, LA - 2/21/15
BIS - COSRC-HLS - Shreveport, LA - 2/21/15
BOV - SWRRBA-B - Lovington, NM - 6/13/15

PWF Hank
Sire: G.C. SH's Casey
Dam: Hyatt's Booyah

BOV - TRBA-A - Killeen, TX - 12/2/16
BOV - TRBA-C - Killeen, TX - 12/3/16
BOSV - JCRBA/SWRBA-B - Cleburne, Tx - 12/10/16
BOSV - BPRBA-B - Waxahachie, TX - 4/15/17

G.C. SH's Yoshi
Sire: SH's Harrington
Dam: SH's Rowena

BOSV - COSRC-A - Shreveport, LA - 2/19/16
1/12 - COSRC-B - Shreveport, LA - 2/20/16
1/12 - COSRC-C - Shreveport, LA - 2/20/16
1/12 - COSRC-HLS - Shreveport, LA - 2/20/16
1/6 - SWMHR-A - Mt Vernon, MO - 2/27/16
1/6 - SWMHR-B - Mt Vernon, MO - 2/27/16
BOS - VF-A - Victoria, TX - 2/11/17
BOSV - TRBA Friday - Belton, TX - 4/7/17
BOB - BPRBA-A - Waxahachie, TX - 4/15/17
BOB - BPRBA-B - Waxahachie, TX - 4/15/17

PWF Tonkawa
Sire: G.C. SH's Yoshi
Dam: PWF Ozette
DOB: 10/20/16

1/6 - TRBA Friday - Belton, TX - 4/7/17
1/7 - BPRBA-B - Waxahachie, TX - 4/15/17

PWF Tonyah
Sire: T'Sha's Tonka
Dam: Hyatt's Booyah

SH's Zema
Sire: G.C. SH's Manchester
Dam: SH's Molly

BOSV - LRBA-A - Alexandria, LA - 5/27/17
1/2 - LRBA-B - Alexandria, LA - 5/27/17

Adazin's Azure
Sire: SPH's Mr Blue
Dam: RR Risky Business

SH's Zipora
Sire: Dubois Farm Dexter
Dam: SH's Carla Jo

PWF Justine
Sire: G.C. PWF Groot
Dam: PWF Liberty

SH's Zuzu
Sire: Dubois Farm Dexter
Dam: SH's Jaclyn

PWF Helena
Sire: SH's Winston
Dam: PWF Serena

PWF Jackie O
Sire: SH's Zither
Dam: PWF Tonyah

1/3 - VF-B - Victoria, TX - 2/11/17
1/7 - HCRBOT-A - 2/25/17

PWF Charlene
Sire: G.C. SH's Yoshi
Dam: PWF Serena

PWF Carly
Sire: G.C. SH's Yoshi
Dam: SH's Zipora

PWF Luanne
Sire: G.C. SH's Manchester
Dam: PWF Lucy Lu

PWF Ramona
Sire: G.C. SH's Yoshi
Dam: SH's Andi

PWF Lapana
Sire: PWF Hank
Dam: PWF Ozette

PWF Harper
Sire: PWF Hank
Dam: SH's Harriet

Roark's Sharon
Sire: Critter Co*op Eros
Dam: Quietcreek's Katie

BOV - RSRC - Alexandria, LA - 10/13/17

 Our Show/Breeding Prospects

PWF Anastasia
Sire: SH's Yoshi
Dam: PWF Poppy
DOB: 6/18/17

Does For Sale

PWF S772 - $150   
Sire: PWF Tonkawa
Dam: SH's Zuzu
DOB: 7/12/17

PWF S774 - $100    PENDING
Sire: PWF Hank
Dam: PWF Carly
DOB: 7/23/17

PWF Abigail - $100
Sire: G.C. PWF Kenworth
Dam: PWF Moonbeam
DOB: 12/2/15



Bucks For Sale

PWF S771 - $100   PENDING
Sire: PWF Tonkawa
Dam: PWF Charlene
DOB: 7/25/17

PWF S773 - $100    PENDING
Sire: PWF Hank
Dam: PWF Carly
DOB: 7/23/17

Hyatt's Thresh - $75
Sire: Quietcreek's Sundown
Dam: Hyatt's Rue
DOB: 8/18/16


Coming Litters
10/28 - Zema x Hank
10/29 - Lapana x Yoshi
10/30 - Harper x Tonkawa
11/2 - Zuzu x Manchester

Growing Litters

Dam: PWF Carly
Sire: SH's Yoshi
DOB: 10/15/17

Dam: SH's Zipora
Sire: SH's Manchester
DOB: 10/10/17

Dam: PWF Ramona
Sire: PWF Tonkawa
DOB: 10/8/17

Dam: PWF Luanne
Sire: SH's Yoshi
DOB: 9/17/17

Dam: PWF Jackie O
Sire: PWF Tonkawa
DOB: 9/10/17

Dam: PWF Tonyah
Sire: Hyatt's Thresh
DOB: 9/4/17

Dam: PWF Helena
Sire: PWF Tonkawa
DOB: 8/30/17

Dam: SH's Andi
Sire: Hyatt's Thresh
DOB: 8/11/17

Dam: PWF Abigail
Sire: PWF Hank
DOB: 8/10/17
Pets For Sale
All of our pets are priced at $60. To see what we have available, click on the 'Photo Gallery' button at the top of the page. No pedigrees are given with rabbits sold as pets.

Please call or email if you see something you like or if you have questions. Linda is always happy to talk Hollands!
Hollands Rule!

Proud member of ARBA, HLRSC, TRBA, and THLRSC