Prairie Wind Farm is a small family farm located halfway between Houston and Austin on the beautiful rolling prairie of central Texas. Our farm is a diversified working farm with cattle, chickens, rabbits, and bed and breakfast accommodations.


The emphasis of our cattle operation is purebred Red Brahman cattle. Our goal is to provide excellent replacement heifers and bulls for both purebred and commercial herds in this region of the United States and beyond.


Our chicken flock is maintained for the production of fresh eggs, which are sold locally straight from the farm. We choose breeds for their laying ability and the size and color of their eggs. We always include Americaunas, better known as the Easter Egg Chicken, because of the novelty that the blue and green eggs add to the carton. All of our hens range freely throughout the day, but we close them in the henhouse at night to keep them safe from predators. We often have roosters and older hens for sale at very reasonable prices. We will also occasionally sell laying hens and pullets, and we have been known to custom-raise chicks. Call 979-278-3208 or email for more information.

Vegetable Garden

We are sad to announce that we have suspended our garden operation for the foreseeable future. Demands on our time forced us to eliminate something from our schedule. The garden, being the most time consuming for the least return, was the victim. We hope to restart it at some point. Thank you to all of our loyal customers.
Holland Lop Rabbits

Holland Lop rabbits are the only breed we raise. They are a dwarf breed with floppy ears. Friendly and personable, they make great pets. We also show them and sell show and breeding stock. Check out our Holland Lop page for availability and pricing.

Bed & Breakfast

The B&B accommodations have been a great addition to our farm operations. With three bedrooms in the main farmhouse, a separate guesthouse (The Smokehouse), and a small self-contained house (The Cottage), we have beds for 14 guests. Not only are we convenient to all the activities that Round Top, Texas has to offer, but the lodging also gives us the opportunity to do one of the things we love most - share our wonderful lifestyle with others!

For those who like star-gazing, we have a dark-sky property. With no light pollution, the night sky is clear and bright. So come on out to the farm, and bring your telescope with you!

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