Red Brahman Cattle

We're back! We have not been active in promoting our Red Brahmans for a few years now, but we're ramping it up. We've bought some really nice heifers, and we retained some excellent genetics from when we were active before, including semen and embryos from Winchester Magnum 999/3.

The emphasis of our cattle operation is purebred Red Brahman cattle. Most of our calves are embryo transplants, using eggs from well-bred cows and semen from the best bulls. Our goal is to provide excellent replacement heifers for both purebred and Brahman-based commercial herds in this region of the United States. Show prospects are also available. Please call or email for availability.  We will be updating and expanding our website as we grow.

For Sale

PWF Mr Easy Money 51/6.  SOLD
ABBA# 952500

Sire: Mr MK 224
Dam: Miss MK 1/325
DOB: 2/1/16


Dehorned, halter broken, and gentle. Ready to service your girls.

PWF 73/6    SOLD

Sire: Mr Winchester Magnum 999
Dam: DB Southern Style 58/3
DOB: 7/31/16


A really thick 999 son. His dam is also in the Register of Renown. We haven't registered him because of his speckling, but that can be done. Gentle. Ready to breed.

PWF 71/6

Sire: Winchester Magnum 999/3
Dam: DB Southern Style 58/3
DOB: 7/26/16


A flush mate to 73/6, he is a bit shorter in length and height. Very well balanced and gentle. He is not registered, but certainly can be. Ready to breed.

September 2017 Heifers

All are halter broken and will be dehorned shortly. Good show prospects. Registrations pending. Call or email for information.

PWF Good Golly Miss Molly
ABBA# 960175

Sire: Mr Winchester Magnum 999
Dam: Miss TNT 298
DOB: 4/1/17


A nice Winchester daughter out of a cow that goes back to Rojo Torgson. Halter broken and gentle.